Upload your files.

Prepare your digital artwork.

We accept the following digital formats.

  • PDF
  • EPS
  • JPG
  • TIFF
  • ZIP

Please review these tips for file prep, to speed up the upload process.

  • Layout your artwork at a proportional scale to your final size.
  • Do not "up-sample" bitmap artwork to a higher resolution, as this does not increase detail or sharpness.
  • Convert all fonts to outlines or paths.

Use compression software to shrink your files to the smallest size possible.

Two possible compression solutions available are Stuff It and Zip It. Compression software reduces the data size of an image of a file.

For Mac users there is both STUFF IT and ZipIT

Click here to download STUFF IT.

Click here to download ZipIT.

For PC Users, there is WINZIP (ZIP IT).

Click here to download WINZIP.

If after compressing your files they are 25mb or over, you may find it speedier to use our ftp server.

For security reasons, please call us at 562.928.7530 or email us at info@m-visiongraphics.com and we'll be happy to set you up an account.

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